New York City is one of the most influential fashion capitals in North America

It has been home to fashion pioneers, who have left a mark on the world of fashion.

New York also has proportionately more women than men and it is the first stop for many international fashion brands that are looking to expand their customer base in North America.

The story of fashion in New York is the story of immigrants.

New York was even more interesting because it was the melting pot of many cultures – and fashions – and it had immigrants in droves.

Fashion in New York is very important in today’s society- it is a symbol of class and taste.

New York is the world’s fashion capital. Women from all over the globe visit the city to shop, eat, and party. Unfortunately, New Yorkers are often judged based on their looks. How can they break those barriers?

In New York especially in areas such as 5th Avenue, women are judged on their appearance and there is a stigma that they should get a certain look. At times it appears that it’s not just fashion but also race and class that divides people in Manhattan.

Many other cities around the world have a different approach to fashion but New York remains to be at the forefront of trends throughout the world.